an open source tool by nymea

  • How does BerryLan work?

    If the Raspberry Pi does not have any network connection, it starts a Bluetooth Server. The app discovers that Bluetooth Signal, and connects to it. Then, the Raspberry Pi sends over all the WiFi networks it can currently connect to. The user chooses the WiFi he wants to connect to and enters the password for it. If the connection is successful, the user will see the IP address of the Raspberry Pi and the Bluetooth server will stop broadcasting.

  • Why does the app ask for permission to access my location?

    The app uses your phone’s Bluetooth for the setup process. Bluetooth can be used to determine your position. BerryLan does not record or send any position data.

  • I can't find any BerryLans

    • The booting process of the Raspberry Pi takes some time, please be patient.
    • The BerryLan App requires access to your phone's Bluetooth to do it's magic. Your phone will ask about permissions to use the localisation service. Make sure you authorise it.
    • The Raspberry Pi is already connected to a LAN or WiFi. The Bluetooth service is only active when the Raspberry Pi is not connected to a network.
    • You need to be near the Raspberry Pi that you want to setup.
    • Make sure you have a Raspberry Pi with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth hardware (Pi0, Pi3 or Pi4) or that both, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are connected via USB dongles on a Pi1 and Pi2.
  • Berrylan can't find my WiFi on channel 12 and 13

    Berrylan supports channels 12 and 13 just fine. However, some (especially older) Raspberry Pi models don't support those channels in their firmware. The firmware can be upgraded with the following commands which would enable channels 12 and 13 in our tests. The firmware has to be upgraded just once and will remain on the Raspberry Pi even when reflashing the SD card.

    pi:~$sudo apt-get update
    pi:~$sudo apt-get full-upgrade
    pi:~$sudo rpi-update

    Also, make sure you haven't set the WiFi country code to US as it's not allowed to use channel 12 and 13 there. Use iw reg get to get the current region and sudo iw reg set <COUNTRY> to select the appropriate country code from this list: Officially assigned code elements

  • I can't find the WiFi network I want to connect to

    • The WiFi signal may be too weak.
    • The WiFi technology might not be supported by the Raspberry Pi. Currenty supported WiFi b/g/n (2,4GHz) with WPE, WPA, WPA2 encryption.
  • Does it have to be Raspberry? Can BerryLan be installed on any alternative hardware?

    It's likely! Give it a try! We made it for Raspberry Pi, but we will definitely help you if you have a cool idea!

  • How can I use BerryLan on my already existing Raspberry Pi installation?

    You would need to install the nymea-networkmanager and restart the Raspberry Pi.

    1. Add the nymea repository to your system:

      pi:~$echo "deb bullseye rpi" | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/nymea.list
      pi:~$sudo apt-key adv --keyserver --recv-key A1A19ED6
    2. Install the dependencies:

      pi:~$sudo apt-get update
      pi:~$sudo apt-get install nymea-networkmanager dirmngr
    3. Disable dhcpcd:

      pi:~$sudo systemctl disable dhcpcd
  • The Raspberry Pi doesn't connect to the WiFi

    The WiFi signal may be too weak.

  • I get a "password is wrong" when I try to login

    Make sure you check your caps lock, or just press the "eye" next to the input field and check carefully if it is the correct password.